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Arts and Ideas 2023 - 2024


Theme: Courage + Resilience 

Arts & Ideas is proud to present our 2023-2024 series – a year of must-see speakers, exhibitions, films, and workshops – exploring the theme of Courage + Resilience.

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In the present day, we all confront pressure and obstacles as we struggle to do the right thing. With courage, we live our own truth and follow our ethics. With resilience, we fight for our rights to equity and justice along with access to healthcare, proper working conditions, and good relationships. We write our own stories of being courageous and overcoming our struggles with a resilient spirit. Let’s share our stories to inspire our communities.

This year’s series includes a variety of events designed to share stories of our courage and resilience, starting with the writing campaign Challenge Overcome orchestrated by Sabrina Grammatic. The spirits of courage and resilience are also evident in the selections for the Arthur Nolletti, Jr. Film Series, She Said and Till. A life of searching for ways to sustain the environment through insects is described by Dr. Adrian Smith. The incredible life of Mary Miles Bibb (FSU’s first African American graduate) demonstrates resilience in its narrative. The poet Oliver de las Paz shares a journey of immigrants and life in the diaspora in his newest work, The Diaspora Sonnets. Diasporic artists Jasmine Chen, Saberah Malik, and Stephen Marc share their own experiences and how they express their emotions in their artworks. Literary scholar Tara Bynum invites us to consider how late eighteenth-century Black women remembered one another in the letters of Tanner and the enslaved Boston poet Phillis Wheatley. The collective struggles of incarcerated women in Turkey and the US are discussed by Emek Ergun and Sashi James.

In addition to directly addressing the theme of Courage + Resilience, events in this series also highlight other hard-won scholarships and artwork. The Mazmanian Gallery will feature Susan Metrican’s three-dimensional paintings integrated with images, objects, and ideas and Lisa Iglesias’ drawings and paintings focusing on expansive histories and potential. The traveling artist group Big Ink will conduct a print workshop by bringing a giant mobile printing press to campus. A new publication released by Katherine Scheidler and the current artwork of Marcus Greene will be shared with the FSU community in the Linda Vaden-Goad Authors and Artists series.

Please join us for the series, and let’s share our courageous stories and resilient attitude with solidarity.

Top Image from left: Tara Bynum, Big Ink for Big Hearts, Emek Ergun

The Arts & Ideas committee develops events on campus to enhance the intellectual life of the community, with an emphasis on social, political, and cultural issues. Events may include lectures, exhibits, film screenings, performances and more—and all are free and open to the public. Each year, the events are organized around a particular theme that is determined in advance.


  • Arts & Ideas Committee 2023-2024

    Jennifer Dowling, Series Coordinator 

    Joseph Adelman
    Luce Aubry
    Jerome Burke
    Mary Burke
    Patricia Connors
    Zeynep Gonen
    Sabrina Grammatic
    Anthony Grossi (student)
    Patricia Horvath
    Laura Kane
    Cailynn Klemm (student)
    Elizabeth Krakow
    Rachel Lucking
    Chu Ly
    Dan Magazu
    Tim McDonald 
    Maggie Campbell Obaid
    Yumi Park
    Luis Rodriquez
    Susan Romani
    Benjamin Trapanick
    Samuel Witt